Pallet Paws is a proudly Australian-owned family business spanning two generations. We entered this business because we are passionate about animals and about service.

When setting up our first pet supplies business we found sourcing good quality pet supplies in niche product areas quite difficult. There was no shortage of non-differentiating and generic toys and collars. But products with a little flair that will get you talked about were difficult to find. Some other niche products (such as products for ageing dogs) were just not available without large orders sent overseas.

So we’ve used our strength in logistics to rethink our entire approach to wholesale. Our service offer now emphasises order fulfilment direct to your customers and order minimums based simply on the cost benefit of shipping costs.

Ruth and Sheldon White are the main owners behind Pallet Paws. Ruth has been a keen and committed pet owner and advocate for pets throughout her life. Sheldon is also an animal lover and has a long career in major service delivery businesses both online and face-to-face. Ruth provides the animal knowledge and safety assessment and Sheldon works mainly on systems and service delivery.