Jackie O Designer Black Dog Collar

Brand Luxepets

RRP $28-32. Wholesale price is GST inclusive.

These beautifully made, soft touch collars and leads are the results of 10 years of development. Intended for puppies and smaller breeds (less than 4 kilos), they feature a beautiful design by Claire Chew with crystals, butter soft linings and feel, and a range of colours to suit any dog or outfit.

These collars are for smaller pets, toy dog breeds and cats.

Quotes from just a few Luxepets reviews:

"beautiful, extremely well-made " - Betsy Joseph

"colours were lovely and soft, just like the collar" pamperedpuppy.com

"the leather is soft as butter" missmollysays.com

Available in three sizes:

  • 20cm
  • 25cm
  • 30cm


Produced in the USA from high quality local products.